PartySmart Booth Photos

PartySmart Booth Photos


We have built a system for recognition of contributions to the social capital and local economy of our communities. [click for more]

Lights, Visuals, DJ!

Review by Stephen Madrid, appearing in the December 15, 2004, issue of Vibrancy. [click for more]

Le Sheng Liu’s “Generation E”

Review by Brian Botkiller, appearing in the December 15, 2004, issue of Vibrancy. [click for more]

Gifting It

Review by Derusha, appearing in the December 1, 2003, issue of Vibrancy. [click for more]

PartySmart Drop-In Meetings

PartySmart holds weekly drop-in meetings in Santa Fe at the Aztec Café, 317 Aztec St, Tuesdays 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm. We welcome all who are interested to learn more about PartySmart or to join in and participate with us in building healthy communities (especially the social communities of young people).

A Healthy Definition of Health

Article by Geoff Chesshire, appearing in the September 1, 2003, issue of Vibrancy. [click for more]

Vibrancy: A Zine For Our Scene


The fourth issue of Vibrancy, dated December 15, 2004, is now available on the web, in print, and by email. Please help by printing a few copies to share with your friends. [click for more]

Drug Use Among Youth: The Prevalence, Health Problems And Possible Solutions

PartySmart Report 2004–1, by Antonia Montoya, December 2004. [click for more]

The Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act and Other Anti-Rave Legislation

PartySmart Report 2004–2, by Phoebe Harmon, December 2004. [click for more]

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