In-Kind Support

PartySmart depends on in-kind support from volunteers, businesses, and other organizations. Some of our most crucial needs are:

  • Volunteer work
    Board of directors, program development, volunteer training, volunteer coordination, booth maintenance, transportation, etc.
  • Groceries
    Fruit, granola bars, gum, snacks, water, etc.
  • Materials and supplies
    Earplugs, condoms, lube, first aid, hardware, tape, paper cups, paper towels, etc.
  • Literature
    Pamphlets and referral cards for health and legal service organizations, reference books, journal subscriptions, etc.
  • Office space, equipment, supplies, and services
    Computer, laser printer, software, postage, internet, telephone, cell phone, paper cutter, paper, stationery, printer ink, photocopy toner, etc.
  • Support services
    Photocopying, accounting, graphic design, web design, legal advice, medical research, meeting space, travel, storage, etc.
  • Training services
    First aid & CPR, sex & STDs, diversity, mediation, suicide prevention, violence prevention, voter registration, youth advocacy, business practices, staff development, etc.
  • Volunteer recognition
    Coupons, tickets, entertainment & recreation opportunities.

If we have helped you or someone you care about, please share your story with us, so that others may hear about it and appreciate the value that you place on our services.

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