To promote health and safety within the rave and nightclub community
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PartySmart provides literature about drugs and other health and safety issues, supplies for personal health needs, and volunteer peer counselors/educators to help prevent health & safety problems at raves and nightclubs. [click for more]

  1. Education
    We help people make informed choices about drugs, by providing peer-counseling services and factual information about the effects of drugs and the risks of drug use.

  2. Harm Reduction
    We reduce the risk of harm to those who choose to use drugs, by advising them on how to avoid unintended consequences, and by caring for those in need of comfort and help.

  3. Safe Environment
    We advise event promoters and venue owners about their responsibility for the health, safety and security of their guests.

  4. Respect for the Scene
    We foster respect for the rave community among its participants and society at large.


The rave scene in New Mexico is fairly small and cohesive. [click for more]


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Comments and suggestions, literature distribution, adulterant screening, volunteer recruitment. [click for more]

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