PartySmart’s Mission
We empower youth to take responsibility for health, safety, and respect, for themselves and for their communities, through peer counseling, peer education, community outreach, and youth advocacy.

PartySmart is an organization of young volunteers who care passionately about health, safety, and respect within their communities. Each of us belongs to several communities, including social, cultural, ethnic, educational/vocational, and geographic. We bring the strengths and values of each community to share with the others. Our greatest strengths are our love and caring, our creativity and confidence, our diversity of culture and experience, and most of all, our passion and dedication. Young people especially bring a powerful passion to their causes. By bringing together resources and connections, and by providing leadership and mentorship, PartySmart encourages our young volunteers to undertake innovative projects to promote the health of their communities.

The health of a community depends not only on the health of the individuals comprising it; its health depends also on their actively caring for each other’s well-being, and on their working together to strengthen and earn respect for the community. A healthy community cares for, respects, and values its members in all their diversity. Confident in its health and strength, it respects and welcomes others. Each PartySmart project enables our young volunteers to promote health, safety, and respect in their community, in ways that they decide are important.

Many of our volunteers belong to the electronic music and dance community (a.k.a. “the rave scene”), a multigenerational social community without cultural, ethnic, or geographical boundaries. The rave scene is an excellent source of dedicated volunteers of all ages who understand, through their own participation, what it takes to create a healthy community. They bring a great deal of experience in helping themselves and their peers learn to make responsible choices about risky activities such as drug use, sexuality, and even just living in these challenging times. PartySmart actively recruits volunteers from among those who are involved in the rave scene. These volunteers recruit others from among their friends, to work on projects with them to promote health, safety, and respect within and for their communities.

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