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Please join and use the PartySmart Email List. to share your announcements of events and opportunities. This is a very low-volume email list, with only one or two emails per week.

Please participate in these upcoming events

We have opportunities to provide booths at these events, make these presentations, and attend these celebrations, conferences, meetings, and workshops. [click for more]

Please share in our success

There are many tasks of all sizes, all of which are critical to the continued existence and success of PartySmart and its programs. By taking responsibility for completion of even the smallest of these tasks, you make our success possible. [click for more]

Please help us to keep PartySmart running

We need your participation and help in all kinds of ways. Some of these are listed here. And yes, we also need volunteers to staff booths, facilitate discussions, make presentations, etc. [click for more]

Thankyou for your participation!

Please permit yourself to receive thanks for all that you do to help your communities. We have built a system to make it easy for you to let us know about your projects, in order that we may recognize you for your contribution. [click for more]

Vibrancy, a Zine for our Scene

The fourth issue is now out for your reading pleasure. Please print out a few copies to share with your friends, as this may be the only way they will get to see it. [click for more]

Please participate in these PartySmart Workshops

PartySmart regularly holds volunteer orientation and booth staff training workshops whenever we have new volunteers who wish to begin participating in our programs and projects. Please take the initiative and use your voice to express a specific date, time, and place that are convenient for you, in order to be sure that you can participate in the next workshop. We guarantee that the next workshop will be held on a date and at a time and place that are convenient to you. We cannot read your mind, however, so we must hear from you in order that we may fulfill this commitment to you.

PartySmart Volunteer Orientation Workshop

PartySmart holds orientation workshops for new volunteers and for anyone else who has not participated recently and would like to get involved again. We discuss PartySmart’s programs, goals, and objectives, in relation to your goals for yourself, for PartySmart, and for the communities that we serve. We hear from you about the communities that you care about, and your ideas for projects to serve our communities. We discuss the organization of PartySmart, and how you create and re-create it each time through your active participation, which is essential to our existence and our continued success. We discuss policies and requirements for participation as PartySmart volunteers. We discuss PartySmart’s three programs: (1) Rave & Nightclub Health & Safety, (2) School, College & Community Outreach, and (3) Youth Advocacy, Law & Policy Reform. We discuss the goals, objectives, and projects of these three programs, how you can participate in these projects, and opportunities for you to create your own projects. We discuss jobs within PartySmart that need to be done in order for us to exist and be successful. We learn to work together and create a team ethic, so that we and our communities succeed together by helping each other. We learn the importance of communication in all its forms and styles, including several forms of electronic communication that we rely on for our existence as a geographically-dispersed organization. We learn about opportunities for further workshops and training in collaboration with other organizations. We begin individual and team projects to complete before the next PartySmart booth staff training workshop.

PartySmart Booth Staff Training Workshop

PartySmart holds booth staff training workshops for those who wish to participate in PartySmart’s Rave & Nightclub Health & Safety program. We review policies for participation as a PartySmart volunteer, and collect completed volunteer application forms. We discuss the goals and objectives of this program, and our progress toward achieving these. We discuss the projects that we are currently working on within this program, and how these lead to achieving the program goals and objectives. We discuss your ideas for projects within this program, and how you can create your own projects. We discuss the philosophy and practice of popular education and harm reduction as these relate to our work at raves and clubs. We review our projects from the volunteer orientation workshop, and share with each other what we have learned. We discuss policies, procedures, and responsibilities for booth staff, and learn to work together as a team. We practice our response to various scenarios that come up in our booth work, through role-playing exercises.

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