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PartySmart Policies
  1. No drug dealers may be PartySmart volunteers or staff.
  2. Volunteers and staff must attend monthly meetings, and booth workers must attend a volunteer training workshop.
  3. Volunteers and staff must not use or possess any illegal drugs or alcohol, or abuse any legal drugs while representing PartySmart.
  4. Volunteers and staff who work at the PartySmart booth must wear a PartySmart ID badge.
  5. Volunteers and staff who work at the PartySmart booth must be available for the duration of the event, except by prior arrangement with the booth leader.
  6. Volunteers and staff must be confidential, honest, respectful, and non-judgmental.
In order for PartySmart to maintain its standing as an official chapter of DanceSafe, we must also abide by DanceSafe's policies:
  1. No member or volunteer of a local DanceSafe chapter will deal drugs anywhere or at any time.
  2. All members or volunteers will maintain sobriety while engaging in any DanceSafe related work, including staffing a booth, attending a meeting, speaking at a school or public event, etc.
  3. All members or volunteers will act in a professional and responsible manner while engaging in any DanceSafe related work.
  4. No member or volunteer of DanceSafe, on a night they are staffing a DanceSafe booth, shall have any illicit drugs on their person, within their belongings, or in their vehicle, at any time throughout the evening, even during times when they are not staffing the booth.
  5. All members or volunteers will reflect a nonjudgmental attitude in their speech and conduct towards anyone who approaches a DanceSafe booth or otherwise seeks information or services from DanceSafe, and will not discriminate based on age, sex, race, gender, sexual preference, physical ability, or drug-consuming lifestyle.
  6. Adulterant screening (pill testing), if undertaken by a local chapter, will be conducted in the exact manner described on the DanceSafe website, and will not be undertaken if the event promoters ask that it not be done.
Application Form

We ask volunteers and staff to fill in and sign an application form. For those under the age of eighteen, this form must be signed by a parent.

Personal Information
First name:
Last name:
Middle initial:
Birth date:
Do you have access to a car to transport supplies reliably to or from events?
(Answering no does not bar you from volunteer opportunities.)
How did you hear about PartySmart and/or DanceSafe?

Contact Information
Street address:
Email address:
Home phone:
Work phone:
Mobile phone:

Emergency Contact Information
Home phone:
Work phone:

Check all that apply
Working PartySmart/DanceSafe booth
Answering email inquiries
Copy support
Data entry/Clerical
Other (please specify):  

Please list any skills you may have the might be of assistance to us (CPR, First Aid, EMT, peer counseling, customer service, etc.)


Volunteer Statement of Understanding
I hereby volunteer my services to PartySmart and DanceSafe. These services are by my own free choice and will receive no wages. I will thoroughly study and acquaint myself with any and all dangers inherent in any volunteer assignment and will not accept any work assignment I feel I am not qualified for or am uncomfortable in performing. I waive all claims for personal injuries or damages to property against PartySmart and DanceSafe and hold them harmless from all claims and liabilities of whatsoever nature, arising out of my participation in any and all aspects of PartySmart and DanceSafe's programs. I understand that either PartySmart or myself may cancel this agreement at any time by notifying the other party. I further understand that I must remain sober when performing any volunteer work for PartySmart or DanceSafe.

I have read the above and accept these statements.

Your signature will be needed for our files but can be obtained at a later time. If you are under 18, please print out this form with your parent/guardian's signature below and send it in or give it to a PartySmart volunteer.

Volunteer's Signature _____________________________ Date _________

Parental Approval (if under 18) _____________________ Date _________

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