Providing drug-education and harm-reduction outreach to youth in our communities through schools, colleges, and teen centers

In collaboration with other agencies, PartySmart volunteers provide and/or facilitate presentations, workshops, and panel discussions throughout Northern New Mexico at schools, colleges, teen centers, conferences, and other public venues, on topics including the facts and risks of drug use, health promotion, and youth culture. PartySmart encourages our young volunteers to start projects related to our mission within their schools, social groups, and the other communities they represent. With the help of professionals from collaborating agencies, our experienced volunteers provide training, networking, and other support to our young volunteers.

School & Community Drug Talks

Discussions on drug use, facilitated by a student or member of an existing community group. [click for more]

Community-Building through Active Participation

We have built a system for recognition of voluntary service, philanthropy & gift, civic engagement, trade, commerce, work, and other contributions to the social capital of our communities. [click for more]

Peer Mediation

We are helping with the implementation of a peer mediation program. [click for more]

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