Organizations Involved in Drug Policy Reform
  • American Civil Liberties Union
    “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is our nation’s guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

  • American Civil Liberties Union Of New Mexico American Civil Liberties Union Of New Mexico
    “Protecting the rights of New Mexicans through leadership, education, mediation, lobbying, litigation, effective community coalition building, and efficient administration. We are open to using any legal peaceable means to transform the promises of the Bill of Rights into daily reality for all New Mexicans.”

  • Americans Against the War on Drugs Americans Against the War on Drugs
    “It is our mission to educate not only the general population but business people, public servants and political aspirants at all levels regarding the reasons the national and local War on Drugs has failed. Further, it is our goal to provide these same groups with information leading to new ways of dealing with and understanding drug issues and to advocate improved and more effective drug policies and laws.”

  • Americans for Safe Access Americans for Safe Access
    “Americans for Safe Access is an aggressive grassroots campaign designed to force the federal government to stop its attack on patients and respect the rights of voters to choose medical marijuana policy.”

  • The Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation
    “The Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation exists to encourage a more rational, tolerant and humanitarian approach to the problems created by drugs and drug use in Australia.”

  • A Better Way to Deal with Drugs and Crime
    “A Better Way to Deal with Drugs and Crime: Connecticut’s Coalition for Drug Policy Reform.”

  • Building Blocks for Youth
    “Building Blocks for Youth is an alliance of children’s advocates, researchers, law enforcement professionals and community organizers that seeks to protect minority youth in the justice system and promote rational and effective justice policies.”

  • Campaign for Effective Criminal Justice
    “The Campaign for Effective Criminal Justice is an organization of over a dozen distinguished leaders in law enforcement, politics, business, and clergy intent on reforming New York’s drug sentencing laws.”

  • Campaign for New Drug Policies
    “A National Organization Reforming Drug Laws and Policies.”

  • Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
    “The aims of the Foundation include: (1) acting as a forum for the exchange of views among those interested in reform of drug policies, (2) serving as a vehicle for sharing those views and for discussing significant drug policy issues with government, the public, other organizations and the media, and (3) where necessary, recommending alternatives that will make Canada’s drug laws and policies effective and humane.”

  • The Canadian Harm Reduction Network
    “Welcome to the meeting place for individuals and organizations across Canada dedicated to reducing the social, health and economic harms associated with drugs and drug policies.”

  • Canadians for Safe Access
    “As Health Canada continues to put the lives of critically and chronically ill Canadians in jeopardy through its failed Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, we must organize to protect the right of Canadians to have safe access to medicinal cannabis.”

  • Cannabis Action Network Cannabis Action Network
    “The Cannabis Action Network is a nationwide team of individuals and organizations working to make cannabis legally available for medicinal, industrial, and personal uses. This network unites over 250 groups, from 50 states and around the world, in a powerful grassroots coalition.”

  • Cato Institute Cato Institute
    “The Cato Institute seeks to broaden the parameters of public policy debate to allow consideration of the traditional American principles of limited government, individual liberty, free markets and peace. Toward that goal, the Institute strives to achieve greater involvement of the intelligent, concerned lay public in questions of policy and the proper role of government.”

  • Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics
    “The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics is a nonprofit education, law, and policy center working in the public interest to foster freedom of thought. The CCLE’s projects are critically important at a time when developments in pharmacology and other technologies hold both enormous promise and peril for cognitive liberty.”

  • The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice “The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
    A private non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce society’s reliance on the use of incarceration as a solution to social problems.”

  • Change the Climate, Inc
    “It’s a campaign, founded by parents and business professionals, to educate the public about the tremendous waste of our tax dollars for the ‘war on marijuana’ and the increasing threat to our basic civil liberties.”

  • Civil Liberties Monitoring Project
    “The purpose of the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project is to monitor, document, advocate and educate about civil rights and civil rights abuses by law enforcement and other government agencies. The aim of CLMP, founded by local citizens of Southern Humboldt County, CA, is to encourage public awareness of constitutional rights and encourage involvement of the whole community in preserving and protecting them.”

  • Common Sense for Drug Policy Drug War Facts
    “Common Sense for Drug Policy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with offices in Washington, DC; Lancaster, PA; and Los Angeles, CA, dedicated to expanding discussion on drug policy by resonating the voices of those raising questions about existing law and educating the public about alternatives to current policies.”

  • Coalition for Compassionate Leadership on Drug Policy
    “The Coalition for Compassionate Leadership on Drug Policy, a non-partisan, broad-based coalition of policy groups, brings a civil rights and public health perspective to the selection of public officials dealing with the issue of drug abuse.”

  • Council on Spritual Practices
    “The Council on Spiritual Practices is a collaboration among spiritual guides, experts in the behavioral and biomedical sciences, and scholars of religion, dedicated to making direct experience of the sacred more available to more people.”

  • The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation
    “Our goal is to preserve freedom and democracy by improving the criminal justice system. Our mission is to educate the public about the impact of our drug policy and the problems of policing on the criminal justice system.”

  • Cures not Wars
    “We are a coalition of concerned citizens, drug-reform activists, health-care and drug-treatment providers, drug users and social-justice activists committed to direct action to stop the drug war, whether in small, local protests or in regional or national actions.”

  • Delta-9 Coalition Delta-9 Coalition
    “Delta-9 Coalition was founded in March, 1996, as an off-campus ‘umbrella’ organization to bring together the three main groups of activists in New Mexico opposing cannabis prohibition.”

  • DRCNet: The Drug Reform Coordination Network
    Raise Your Voice! Stop The Drug War
    DRCNet Online Library of Drug Policy
    Schaffer Library of Drug Policy

    “The Drug Reform Coordination Network’s founding purpose is to stop the chaos and violence of the illegal drug trade, end the bondage of mass incarceration suffered by hundreds of thousands of nonviolent offenders, stem the spread of deadly epidemic disease, secure the right of patients to appropriate medical treatment, restore Constitutional protections and ensure just treatment under the law for all.”

    “The Drug Peace Campaign is a California Political Action Committee formed January 1, 1999, whose mission is to seek a peaceful end to the war now being waged by our own governments against us, the citizens of the United States of America, and the World.”

  • Drug Policy Alliance Safety First Drug Testing Fails Our Youth Protect Live Music
    “Drug Policy Alliance is the leading organization working to broaden the public debate on drug policy and to promote realistic alternatives to the war on drugs based on science, compassion, public health and human rights.”

  • Drug Policy Forums of California, Florida, Hawai’i, Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, TriState, Virginia, Wisconsin

  • DrugScope DrugScope
    “DrugScope is the UK’s leading drugs charity and centre of expertise on drugs. We provide balanced and up-to-date drug information to professionals and the public, conduct research and develop policies on drugs and drug-related issues, promote humane and effective ways of responding to drugs and drug use, encourage informed debate and provide a voice for over 800 member bodies working on the ground.”

  • Drug Sense Foundation on Drug Policy and Human Rights The Media Awareness Project
    Partnership for Drug-Policy Facts and Alternatives Partnership for Drug-Policy Facts and Alternatives

    “We exist to provide accurate information relevant to drug policy in order to heighten awareness of the extreme damage being caused to our nation and the world by our current flawed and failed ‘War on Drugs.’ We aim to inform the public of the existence of rational alternatives to the drug war, and to help organize citizens to bring about needed reforms.”


  • Educators For Sensible Drug Policy
    “At Educators For Sensible Drug Policy we encourage drug use to be treated as a mental health issue and not a criminal behavior. As our revolving door prison system becomes increasingly overcrowded, it is obvious that incarceration is not the solution for drug users. Instead, we encourage teachers to help to reduce the harms related to the inevitable experimentation of their students.”

  • Efficacy
    “Efficacy is a Connecticut-based, non-profit organization advocating peaceful ways to respond to social problems. We use the following vehicles to express this: public presentations; a newsletter; commercial media; public radio and access television programs.”

  • EM:DEF
    Electronic Music Defense & Education Fund

    “Mission: to raise and provide funds for legal assistance to innocent professionals in the electronic dance music business who are targeted by law enforcement in the expanding campaign against ‘club drugs.’ In addition to providing funds for legal efforts to protect the industry, EM:DEF will serve as a spokes-agency for the electronic dance music industry -- providing an independent voice on behalf of industry professionals, while allowing professionals to avoid public association which could result in retaliation by law enforcement.”

  • The Vaults of Erowid
    “Documenting the Complex Relationship between Humans and Psychoactives.”

  • European Cities on Drug Policy European Cities on Drug Policy
    “The ECDP association regards itself as a modern network with members jointly and democratically defining innovative strategies and carrying out common activities in the spirit of our basic political document, the Frankfurt Resolution (1990) and the Declaration of the ECDP (1998).

  • European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies
    The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies is a network of European non-governmental organisations and citizens concerned with the impact of current international drug policies on the lives of the people who are most affected by this issue in North and South.”

  • Exponents
    “Exponents is a 501(c)3 minority-led organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals affected by drug addiction, incarceration, and HIV/AIDS.”

  • Families Against Mandatory Minimums Families Against Mandatory Minimums
    “Families Against Mandatory Minimums is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1991 to challenge inflexible and excessive penalties required by mandatory sentencing laws.”

  • Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform (Australia)
    “Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform was formed as a direct result of heroin related deaths in the Australian Capital Territory. It believes that prohibition laws are more the problem than the solution. It seeks laws and policies which will eliminate the deaths and minimise the health and social harm.”

  • Family Watch
    “Family Watch is a network of groups and individuals concerned about the impact of drug policy on families, women and children.”

  • Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
    “Forfeiture Endangers American Rights is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reform of federal and state asset forfeiture laws to restore due process and protect property rights in the forfeiture process.”

  • Freedom to Exhale Freedom to Exhale
    “A Website Dedicated To Helping People Learn About The Drug War.”

  • Frontiers of Freedom
    “This site is maintained by Frontiers of Freedom Foundation, Inc. It is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)4 of the Internal Revenue Code. Frontiers also maintains a separate educational organization: ‘Frontiers of Freedom Institute.’”

  • Green Party Drugs Group
    “We aim to take the drug trade out of criminal control and made available in a legal environment. The supply and profits of drug use should not remain in criminal hands.”

  • Harm Reduction Coalition
    “The Harm Reduction Coalition is committed to reducing drug-related harm among individuals and communities by initiating and promoting local, regional, and national harm reduction education, interventions, and community organizing.”

  • Heffter Research Institute
    “The mission of the Heffter Research Institute is to conduct research of the highest scientific quality with psychedelic substances in order to contribute to a greater understanding of the mind, leading to the improvement of the human condition, and the alleviation of suffering.”

  • The Albert Hofmann Foundation
    “Throughout history people have used mind-expanding substances to explore consciousness and enhance their lives. Our purpose at the Albert Hofmann Foundation is to gather the records of these endeavors and to further the understanding and responsible application of psychedelic substances in the investigation of both individual and collective consciousness.”

  • Human Rights and the Drug War “Human Rights and the Drug War
    HRDW is a multi-media project that combines the stories and photos of Drug War POWs with facts and figures about the US Drug War, to confront the conscience of the American people and encourage individuals to take action for social justice.”

  • Institute for Policy Studies Institute for Policy Studies
    “The IPS Drug Policy Project advocates for reform by reaching out to non-traditional allies and employing innovative tactics to promote a sustainable, constitutional, and humane drug control policy. The project’s mission is to help foster a paradigm shift by replacing the punitive and coercive ‘social control’ model of drug policy with a public health and community economic development model.”

  • Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative
    “The purpose for which this non-profit corporation is formed is to organize people of faith to promote drug policy reform; i.e., moving from prohibition laws toward reasonable and compassionate drug regulation, education and treatment.”

  • International Harm Reduction Association International Harm Reduction Association
    “We work with local, national, regional and international organisations to assist individuals and communities in the following areas: Public Health Advocacy; Collaboration and Communication; Best Practice; Education, Training and Research.”

  • Island Foundation Island Foundation
    “The Island Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation with headquarters in Santa Cruz, California composed of individuals dedicated to the creation of a psychedelic culture. The group is named for English novelist Aldous Huxley's last novel, Island, about a utopian culture called Pala.”

  • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
    “Current and former members of law enforcement who support drug regulation rather than prohibition.”

  • The Lycaeum
    “The Lycaeum works to promote public education about all aspects of psychoactive drugs and drug use.”

  • Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse “Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse
    Addressing the issues of substance use, misuse, and abuse.”

  • Marijuana Policy Project Marijuana Policy Project
    “The Marijuana Policy Project works to minimize the harm associated with marijuana – both the consumption of marijuana, and the laws that are intended to prohibit such use.”

  • The Narco News Bulletin
    “The Narco News Bulletin works to tell the truth. We call it as we see it. Yet we are conscious that it’s our truth. The whole truth can only be constructed by the participation of the people. Thus, we strive to work together, to collaborate, with your truth and the truths of others, ‘to make a bigger truth.’”

  • National Drug Strategy Network
    “The National Drug Strategy Network is working for effective approaches to address the world’s many drug problems by sharing accurate information about drug control strategies.”

  • National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
    “Since its founding in 1970, NORML has provided a voice in the public policy debate for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition and favor an end to the practice of arresting marijuana smokers.”

  • The November Coalition The November Coalition
    “The November Coalition is a non-profit, grassroots organization who are educating the public about the destructive increase in prison population in the United States due to our current drug laws.”

  • Open Society Institute International Harm Reduction Development
    “The Open Society Institute (OSI) is a private operating and grantmaking foundation that develops and implements a range of programs in civil society, education, media, public health, and human and women’s rights, as well as social, legal, and economic reform.”

  • Pacific Drug Policy Institute, Inc Pacific Drug Policy Institute, Inc.
    “The mission of the Pacific Drug Policy Institute is to improve the quality of information available to the media, the general public, and the institutions of public policy formation through a program of social science research and education relating to drug/crime epidemic, the epidemic’s processes and effects, and the means and measure available for the epidemic’s control.”

  • Police Officers For Drug Law Reform Police Officers For Drug Law Reform
    “Police Officers for Drug Law Reform is an organization composed of law enforcement officers both active and non-active who believe that our role in the War on Drugs is inconsistent with an officer’s duty to protect and serve.”

  • Prison Moratorium Project
    “A youth-led grassroots organization dedicated to halting prison expansion, empowering youth and other constituencies affected by prison expansion, and advocating for a fair, effective and humane criminal justice system.”

  • Rand Drug Policy Research Center Drug Policy Research Center
    “Our goal at the Drug Policy Research Center is to provide a firm, empirical foundation on which sound policies can be built. It’s a goal we have pursued with energy, commitment, and skill since 1989.”

  • Reconsider
    “Our tax-exempt mission is to educate the public about drugs and drug policies, including the problems caused by using criminal sanctions to regulate the distribution of drugs and alternatives to the use of criminal sanctions as regulatory policy instruments that are being employed by other democratic nations around the globe.”

    “Rapid-navigation portal for drug policy reform sites.”

  • Partnership for Responsible Drug Information Partnership for Responsible Drug Information
    “We at PRDI seek to enable the democratic process to develop more effective and humane drug policies. To this end, we promote open, honest, and well-informed discussion of drug issues among ‘opinion-leaders’ – educated leaders and professionals, especially in the media.”

  • Religious Leaders for a More Just and Compassionate Drug Policy Religious Leaders for a More Just and Compassionate Drug Policy
    “We represent a group of religious leaders both clergy and religious academics who have felt called to speak out on an unpopular and controversial issue: U.S. Drug Policy, particularly the ‘War on drugs,’ with its unjust and discriminatory laws against drug abusers.”

  • San Francisco Late Night Coalition San Francisco Late Night Coalition
    “The San Francisco Late Night Coalition is a broad-based group composed of promoters, activists, dj’s, musicians, artists, community members and club owners. Our goal is to protect, preserve and promote San Francisco’s late-night culture. We work to encourage understanding and awareness of the regulations and issues surrounding after-hours entertainment in San Francisco, and to provide a voice for the rights and the passions of this diverse community.”

  • Scottish Drugs Forum
    “Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) is the national non- government drugs policy and information agency working in partnership with others to co-ordinate effective responses to drug use in Scotland. SDF aims to support and represent, at both local and national levels, a wide range of interests, promoting collaborative, evidence-based responses to drug use.”

  • Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs
    “A special committee of the Canadian Senate whose purpose is to examine: the approach taken by Canada to cannabis, its preparations, derivatives and similar synthetic preparations, in context; the effectiveness of this approach, the means used to implement it and the monitoring of its application; the related official policies adopted by other countries; Canada’s international role and obligations under United Nations agreements and conventions on narcotics, in connection with cannabis, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other related treaties; and the social and health impacts of cannabis and the possible consequences of different policies.”

  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy Students for Sensible Drug Policy
    “Students for Sensible Drug Policy is committed to providing education on harms caused by the War on Drugs, working to involve youth in the political process, and promoting an open, honest, and rational discussion of alternative solutions to our nation’s drug problems.”

  • Substance Abuse Policy Research Program Substance Abuse Policy Research Program
    “To fund substance abuse policy research that can help to reduce the harm caused by the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs in the United States.”

  • Transform
    “Transform is the leading independent UK organisation campaigning for a just and effective drug policy. We exist to minimise drug-related harm to individuals and communities and believe that this is best achieved by legalising drugs. We provide authoritative and accurate information to increase understanding, encourage debate and influence policy.”

  • Unitarian Universalists for Drug Policy Reform
    “UUDPR is a continental coalition of Unitarian Universalists leading the denomination’s efforts to develop and promote more just and compassionate drug policies. In accordance with the denomination’s new drug policy Statement of Conscience, we advocate that drug use should be a health issue, not a crime.”

  • Veterans for More Effective Drug Strategies
    “Veterans for More Effective Drug Strategies favors the return of the drug problem to the domain of the medical profession. The 80-year old effort by law enforcement to resolve America’s drug problem has failed and drug-related problems are growing steadily worse.”

    “The VCL is an association of lawyers and judges whose members share strong misgivings about the wisdom and consequences of America’s perpetual drug war. While favoring no specific drug control policies, the VCL seeks to promote, within the legal profession and beyond it, informed and honest discussion about the objectives of the drug war and its costs to our cherished institutions of liberty and justice.”

  • Vote Hemp Vote Hemp
    “VOTE HEMP is a non-profit organization dedicated to the acceptance of and free market for Industrial Hemp. Industrial Hemp is non-psychoactive low THC varieties of the cannabis sativa plant. Currently, it is illegal for U.S. farmers to grow Industrial Hemp because it is improperly classified as a ‘drug’ under the Controlled Substances Act. Since changes in law require shifts in thinking and this requires education in the facts, our primary goal is the education of legislators and regulators, farmers and businesses, students and other concerned citizens.”

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