Production Companies and Other Resources

“3sidedwhole is an intentional community that supports and nurtures creative expression through interactive, inspirational and transformational experiences in conscious evolution, deep integrity, and sustainable living.”

“All Ages Events Are in Jeopardy of Being Eliminated!”

Blu Nightclub
“A distinctive cocktail environment.”

Blu 102.9 KLBU
“We believe there is a place that lives within us all. It is a place of vision and clarity, where the rhythm of life moves in harmony with a higher conciousness. The purpose of our music is to take you there.”

“Welcome to our community website! Become part of it! Add your pictures, events, clubs, bands and profiles!”

“ChicanoBuilt is a vehicle to inspire, celebrate and reclaim our modern chicano culture through art, music, fashion and poetry.”

Cosmic Kidz
“At play in the dance universe.”

Deep Progressions
“Go deep or go home.”

“Welcome To DesertFM”

“The mission of the Desert Sol project is simple: Deliver and express unique quality to all who will recognize and appreciate it.”

“An online music community.”

Family Productions
“Creating sacred transformational experiences together.”

“Full Stream Internet Radio.”

Fwank Productions
“Art, music, film, design, engineering, promotion.”

Global Dragon
“Founded in 1997, Global Dragon is a music and design production entity engaged in weaving ancient wisdoms into the digital domain.”

Hip And Trippy Productions

“Your internet source for house music.”

Kinetik Records
3409 Central Ave NE, across from the Flying Star Cafe; 266-3665

KRZA 88.7 FM
“Community radio in the upper Rio Grande region.”

KSFR 90.7 FM
“This is open-minded, unintimidated public radio. That’s what we believe Public Radio should be. Especially here in Santa Fe, ‘The City Different.’”

KTAO 101.9 FM
“Taos is truly a unique area, and for 20 years, KTAO has been serving the community with programming to serve its unique needs.”

“Community radio 89.9 FM Albuquerque.”

Lady DJs
“LadyDjs is an online support group for female DJs of all skill levels and experience. Designed for the exchange of information on multiple aspects of djing and electronic music from upcoming events to equipment, ladydjs is for you.”

The Light Club

Liquid Lounge & Sauce

LittlePlanet Music Network
“Making the world smaller through music.”

Martini Grille

“NationSound Productions offers some of the best sound equipment, DJs, security and live electronic music events in New Mexico.”

NM Electronic Forums
“This board is a spot for the New Mexico online electronic community to congregate.”

“Celebrating the sacred, beautiful, and divine qualities of the feminine.”

O-PM Nightclub

“We empower youth to take responsibility for health, safety, and respect, for themselves and for their communities, through peer counseling, peer education, community outreach, and youth advocacy.”

“Albuquerque’s Premier Nightclub.”

“Red Letter Records is a musician’s co-operative and upcoming record label operated out of Warehouse21 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

“The ultimate club.”

“Tortuga Project is a collaborative group that: brings art, music, dance, and poetry to underprivileged and incarcerated youth; provides experiential education to generate and encourage interest in math, science, and creative writing, as well as media literacy; increases awareness and understanding of culture within youth; provides alternative strategies to gangs, substance abuse, and other suppressing matters that the youth encounter; and informs about health as a priority in young people’s lives.”

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