Albuquerque Journal
June 10, 2002

Although your reporter was right that Ecstasy is a problem in this state, I was upset about the lack of research on the rave scene. ... Here are my gripes:

  • For an article like this to stand up for itself and be truthful, the reporter should have talked to more “ravers.” There’s more to our scene than drug use. We stand together for the love of music, just as the punk scene or hip-hop. There’s just as much drug use in a rock concert or in high-school hallways as there is at a techno event. Just because the drug is there, does not mean that everyone at the event is participating. Knowledge is power and if parents are worried about their children doing drugs, talk to them openly and honestly. Most ravers will be truthful with their parents. Discussion alone on this topic is an influential part in helping us control the drug problem as well.

  • The reference to “secret parties” is wrong. Most promoters obtain permits from the city and county. Therefore, months before these events are held, it is cleared with zoning and the fire marshal. The police are notified about the event and often asked to show up to ensure safety for all the participants. EMTs standby just in case anything goes wrong. Insurance policies are obtained by the promoter in case anyone gets hurt. ... The fact that these events do go all night adds an element of safety that is not found at clubs or bars. Those that drink or do drugs are not forced out on the streets at 2 a.m. – eliminating an element of danger when driving while impaired.

  • Screening for Ecstasy: There is an element to the rave scene that is also not mentioned in the article – DanceSafe, a national not-for-profit organization that is present at most parties to promote drug safety and prevention. Last year the National Conference for DanceSafe was held in Albuquerque with delegates from every state present for the event. The rave scene is not evil or bad, but it is not perfect. We are working with local law enforcement to make these events as safe as possible for everyone. We do not condone drug use and are working toward educating drug users to hopefully make the right decisions while attending these events.

Stacey (DJ Blue) Luebbert