Comments & Suggestions

These are comments and suggestions from people who have visited our booth at raves and nightclubs:

03/11/00 Add duration of drug in body (if you need to pass a drug test).
Peyote info.
X should be cheap ... free.
03/18/00 Mushrooms, Nitrous, Mescaline, Cocaine, Crack, Marijuana, DXM info.
Sell testing kits.
03/25/00 Mushroom info.
04/08/00 The effect of drugs (or no effect) if you’re on some prescribed medication.
Presentation at Independence H.S. (Rio Rancho).
04/22/00 Refilling water should be available.
$1 water.
Keep it up.
People want to know how long ecstasy stays in your system.
Cards for inhalants: ether, etc.
04/29/00 Moist towelettes.
More tents.
05/06/00 AMT info.
Free drugs.
More free drugs.
06/26/00 You guys are awesome! Thanx.
07/08/00 You guys rule!!
07/14/00 Absolutely need citronella candles for the bugs.
Hand sanitizer.
07/29/00 Keep the tradition baby!
Free glowsticks (with mandatory donation).
Free drugs for everyone.
All the bud you can smoke.
Need huge sign that says DanceSafe on it.
Need sign that says PILL TESTING on it.
11/04/00 Suckers.
Oh yeah, mints!
11/11/00 Booklets on animal rights.
Thank you!
You guys (and women) tear it up!
You guys are awesome and save lives. Bad Asses!
You guys are pimps.
You guys are awesome. Everything you do to help everyone is great!!
11/24/00 Thankx for your continuous love and support!!! I love you. Peace.
12/00 Voter registration.
You guys are dope.
You gurls rule.
You are the best.
You rule.
You guys are unbelievably wonderful. Thank you so much!
Info on heroin.
Bring in large fans for air circulation.
01/13/01 The info is great! I’m taking one of each drug info flyers home to my kids so they can make the right choices too!! Thanks.
Mints. Oh yeah, mints.
Make GHB flyer more exciting.
Doing a GREAT job THANK YOU! Love.
Doing a pretty good job.
Great job.
02/10/01 Make sure Aja is here.
02/17/01 I love you kids! Keep up the good work!
Bring more oranges.
You guys are saving lives ... kudos to you!!
02/23/01 You guys are great.
03/17/01 Lemons, damn it!
Thanks for doing this!!
Great job!!
Health is the prime source of happiness.
03/31/01 Julie & Craig should work every party!
Aja deserves a promotion!
DanceSafe does a good job with drug info, and the variety of drugs which they cover... but with a city like Santa Fe, a PCP info card needs to be available.
05/12/01 All I would like to say is thanks for your support and information about the raves.
06/02/01 Keep up the good work and good time
You Rock!!
Thank you so much – you guys saved my life!
06/22/01 Have fun, be safe, and make the right decisions!
07/14/01 Thanks for the lube kids. I’ll be sure to use it safely.
Nice hookup. Thanks.
Support DanceSafe
Looks Awesome!!
Love people, all people, all things. Share yourself, appreciate when others do the same, and live as a microcosm of the universe in the scene.
Thankyou Geoff for taking care of us “ravers” ha ha.
Peace & love & happiness for eternity. Keep bouncin’
This is awesome to see up and going. There is definitely not enough education and information in general. XTC is a very controversial problem in Colorado with Brittany Chambers dying of drinking three gallons of water in 45 minutes, and the press only has misinformed the public and did nothing close to educating the public or the youth of proper ways of inducing drugs. I see misperceptions from people telling others not to drink too much water, an obvious problem. Please keep it up, reach out, educate more and more and more please.
08/15/01 It’s great! I love the oranges, bring more! Yeah, people are doing a good job too!
I love what you guys are doing. Keep it up.
07/28/01 Yay for DanceSafe!!!
I think you are doing a damn good thing!!!
08/09/01 Very good to have a table like this. You should be at every party!
08/24/01 Woo hoo DanceSafe!! Much love.
PartySmart kicks.
I really think this is awesome. It’s about time. Raves are about dance and not drugs again. It’s all about dance and music. I’m glad y’all (your group) understand that!!!
Keep doing what you’re doing. Peace and love.
Charge less and bring pizza! With pepperoni and black olives! ...
Olives is spelled this way and DanceSafe is a non-profit org. So there & they rock!
I love it when Jess works the booth.
I came here tonight from Tampa/St. Pete, FL & it is good to see the familiar DanceSafe table. We in FL have a good chapter in Orlando, but FL is pretty harsh. Keep doing what you’re doing without any fear and absolute strength, because DanceSafe really cares about people!
09/22/01 You guys rock, mad props!
Much respect.
Jess is the coolest booth worker! She’s the DanceSafe little helper!
Jess rocks. She makes funny faces.
Damn skippy she [Jessica] is! You guys kick some ass!
I appreciate DanceSafe’s effort in making the NM scene safer. It’s the best!
You guys kick some ass!
10/13/01 Keep up the good work
Yay PartySmart woohoo!
Excellent! Great idea and good for Public Health. This should be at every bar and club.
11/02/01 Good Job!!
Jess, Yvette, Ariane and Fire are kick ass kids!
Little Jess is a poopie head! Just kidding you rock!
Yvette, Lil Jessica, Ariane, and Jeremy are my bestest DanceSafe members ever in the whole world!
Great job!! God bless America, DanceSafe, good vibes and good music.
12/08/01 Keep at it!
12/14/01 More flavored condoms.
12/22/01 You must be the change you wish to see in the world!
01/25/02 This is the most wonderful idea. Thanks for keeping it real.
02/009/02 Good Job!! It’s cool that you’re offering water to people on the wall. Yeah!
Thanx for donating your time and energy.
Keep up the good work. I appreciate everything!!
Thanks for the concern ... too much drugs, so little concern. You are appreciated!
Light a candle under the sinners, and set the world on fire.
03/02/02 Thanks for the earplugs.
Go to El Paso!! They need it (info).
03/09/02 I really appreciate what you guys do. Thank you very much.
03/16/02 PartySmart rules!!
I would like to say: Thanx Yes, thank you PartySmart for gracing us with light and knowledgement about these harmful supplements that are harming our scene. Thanks for showing us that yes, you can have a good time without being under the influence.
04/06/02 Keep it goin’ strong, we luv u guys.
Thanks for being with us. To Life!
04/06/02 You guys rock for taking care of us party animals. Much Love. Thanx.
Give out free drugs
This organization is great! Thanks for everything!
I love you DanceSafe!!
PartySmart is the coolest!! Jason is a cutie.
04/22/02 Where are the dental dams?
06/01/02 What’s up – as always I want to say I love U guys!
Ha Ha! Stop the drug war! If the whole world took a pill together it would end all wars!
You guys rock!
Woohoo! Yay, for you!
Antibacterial stuff.
It’s not a war on Drugs. It’s a war on personal freedom.
Much love to PartySmart.
06/08/02 Good job! Thanks! Get some cough drops too.
You’re awesome
Your booth is kickass!!
This kicks ass.
Thankyoo for the bananas and such. Yoo guys are the bestest!
06/14/02 Love you guys!
As always, you guys are great!
06/22/02 DanceSafe rocks, yay!
I’d like to see a catalog or list which would display various combinations of drugs i.e., lethal combinations, medical conditions that should not encounter certain drugs.
Where are the dental dams?
07/26/02 What legal justification do the police have for shutting down a party??
08/16/02 You guys kick ass, and you guys should have a tip jar.
08/24/02 You guys rule!
Happy Day!
You shouldn’t give condoms to little kids.
Where’s da mescaline??
Thanks for being at this event! Thanks for supporting kids of all ages!!
Thanks for everything. You guys rock. Keep it up.
It’s good to see positive education! Thanks.
This is a very good idea.
08/26/02 Thanks! You’re nice.
Keep it up! Good stuff.
Free stuff kicks ASS!!!
Thanks 4 da food.
10/26/02 I feel much safer dancing with you here
Thank you for being an organization that understands how the rave scene works. Keep up the good work!
Thank you guyz for being here. I feel so much safer if you’re here. I love you guys!
Please buy glitter lotion.
I love you guys!
3/15/03 Keep up the good work. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed.
3/15/03 Keep up the good work. Get more local support!
07/19/03 You guys rock!
08/23/03 I love you, PartySmart.
08/29/03 Yay! DanceSafe!
03/06/04 Keep doing what you’re doing man. Education is the tool to wisdom! God bless ever one and have fun.
Thankeez for the fruit! Good Call.
We lover you DanceSafe!
Very nice setup guys! Luv it. Keep up all of the good work!
Thanks for the gum!
Good shit! “I liked it.”
DanceSafe is well appreciated. Great job!!!
05/15/04 Thanks for looking out.
Bomb! Yah!
06/05/04 You guys do a great service.
You guys are great.
06/26/04 You guys are amazing. Parties would not be parties without you. We need to throw a party where all the profits go to you. If you need volunteers, I’m very willing.
Thanks for the earplugs & fruit!
07/02/04 Thank you for the great job and all you do.
THank you for all of your amazing work. How about adding “Emergen-C” vitamin C packets? Thanks.
09/11/04 You Guys Rok!.
09/17/04 This is a great idea. Keep it up.
Thank you.
Big Ups!
Yay! Starbursts Rock!
Keep it real.
10/17/04 Overheard on a message board:
Jungurlist: Ok I was talkin to a friend who is on here and they had never heard of DanceSafe. I wanted to make sure that all of you etards, undercover etards and drug users out there knew what was up with what you all are putting into your bodies. We obviously can’t stop you from doing drugs, but at least edcutate yourselfs about what you’re doing. Be safe people!! take 5-HTP and eat pumpkin seeds!! Serotonin is hard to come by!! TheArcane: I checked out that site. It’s really unfortunate about all their funding woes and such. Thank you for posting this! I think we all need to be a little more consciencious of our community.
celeste: Yeh wurd, I think we’re all pretty in-the-know about dancesafe; I know I am Geoff is on here; he’s the main man for NM’s dancesafe crew, and I know multiple heads on here used to (and still do) work the booths at parties. I’m thankful for having them around; they provide info and a safe/helpful hand when needed (like when I walked into a cactus in Diablo Canyon one nite, on far too many substances hahaha None-the-less, it’s always a good thing to bring up, so w00t to you!
Fealos: Yeah, we are all aware of Dancesafe, and I know there’s a mutual feeling of thanks for Geoff, and his endevours. His NM Dancesafe crew is called “PartySmart,” and you’ll find him, or his volunteers, at almost all our parties. PartySmart is the second biggest Dancesafe family in the country, and Canada. The only one bigger than Geoff’s faction is, I think, San Fransisco. I used to volunteer for Geoff. Great stuff!
Jungurlist: WoW thats rad. I was very suprised when someone told me that they had never heard about it and I just wanted to make sure that NM knew what was up!!
Fealos: Anyone who hasn’t heard of it hasn’t opened their eyes at any parties they’ve been to. Or, they just haven’t been to any parties.
BINK: Dance Safe is the shitz! they always have whatever candy and fruit. They kick ass.
hayley: Yep, and their pamphelts are always full of useful information. I keep my “know your rights” pamphlet in my car at all times!
DSPCo: Never heard of dancesafe? good lord.
02/15/05 You have my support and leftspeaker’s support as well. Thanks for five years of hard work for all of this.
Congrats to you Geoff and all the PartySmart always do a great job and I’m sure will continue to do so.
i would just like to express my extreme appreciation for partysmart. thanks so much for always being there and looking out for all of us. munchies, water, informative pamphlets, and cheery smiles. y’all are great and are the glue that holds this scene together and keeps us safe and informed
03/01/05 I’m glad to see that PartySmart remains a part of our scene after five years. I think since I’ve been going to parties, I have noticed a gradual “chilling out” of the drug & party mishaps/shady activity in our scene. I think it’s had a general improvement from say, four or five years ago. I’m not that old school, mind you ... and I am sure PartySmart has had something to do with that. So yeah, big ups!
Thank you PartySmart, you are very much appreciated. Continue doing such a great job.
I’m seriously suprised that some ultra-conservative legislators haven’t shut it down for “promoting drug use” or some bullshit excuse like that. PartySmart has probably saved so many lives ... but I still hear about politicians bitching about programs like that.
03/12/05 Keep it up!
04/07/05 Hey thanks for always helping and what not with the events. I really appreciate what you put behind it.
05/21/05 Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano: “I really appreciate what you guys do. You do a good job.”
Good Work!
2C-I info.
06/25/05 Keep it up!
You must be the change to see in hte world.
You guys are perfect!
Love it! Learn it! Live it!
07/10/05 Thankyou for the help and guidance.
07/16/05 Thankyou for your valuable information for our tribal youth!!
Thanks so much, God Bless.
As a parent, thankyou for being here! Thankyou very much!
You rock kid, “Food not Bombs” style. “Safe not Dying”
07/23/05 Non-latex condoms. Some people are allergic to latex.
You do amazing things and the real truth is important!
Big up DanceSafe and its Most Amazing contributions to “the Scene.” Boh Selektah!!
Mutch respect; doing good tingz for Dem Da Youts!!
NM has a beautiful scene going on. Keep on living the transcendental experience, where all of us can evolve in a beautiful way, where we can become the people that we know we can be.
Again thankyou. My first experience in this environment was made so much more comfortable by your presence.
08/06/05 All war is class war (including the war on drugs).
08/27/05 Wow, guess what? I love you guys.
Like always you guys rock!
Heah, I just made it back here after several years in CA and it’s great to know that you guys are still here trying to stop the deaths and other bad stuff that has caused the scene in other places to become extinct. Thank you very much.
Hi! Life is a trip worth taking and people like you help people like me along the way.
You guys should start hitting high schools to get more support.
You guys are awesome for teaching kids not to do drugs at raves. I do lines of strange powders or smoke anything that’s shiny. You kids rock my world.
   We gather a fact,
   Call it just that ...
   Know yourself,
   Front to back ...
   This is for fun,
   Party Attack ...
   Glad to have you here,
   Gather together ...
   In the atmosphere ...
   Thankyou for coming!

Geoff & his crew, you are ALWAYS appreciated here. All the partiers, new & old, should recognize & treat you like gold! I love you & what you do! Love always and forever.
09/17/05 You rock Geoff!!!
Thanks man!
Knowledge is power.
Jeff you kick ass, it’s so awesome that you take time to spread the word and make such a positive difference! Keep it up!
Thanks for helping us.
The water was a savior. Good luck on your goal in helping people PartySmart.
09/23/05 I love you Jeff.
The water saved me!! Hell yea man, thanks.
You are a savior!
You’re life savers.
11/25/05 You rock!
Test drugs for us! – for free.
This Rocks Sox.
I don’t suggest ever removing this table.
01/20/06 Your support is comforting.
Always good to have you at parties. Keep us safe, happy, and supply all the chewing gum we need.
Love the fact that you guys are here. You rock. Love to you.
03/03/06 Bring lollipops.
Bring flyer for GHB.
Thank you!
Thanks a million. You saved my life 40 times and counting.
05/27/06 Awesome.
06/03/06 Excellent job!!!
06/24/06 Love everything! Remember the PLUR.
06/03/06 Excellent job!!!
07/01/06 Loved it all.
08/05/06 Good job.
09/09/06 Great job. Thankyou!
Literature-Distribution Results

Literature-Distribution Results [Click for full-sized image]

This graph shows the number of info cards taken per 100 people. The graph is difficult to interpret because the number of info cards taken per person depends on the size of the party. The graph below is adjusted to take this into account.

Literature-Distribution Results
[Click for full-sized image]

This graph shows a relative measure of the interest in the info cards and pamphlets as a function of time. The average number of info cards taken per person decreases with the size of the party. For a party of 100 people, the graph shows the number of info cards taken per 50 people; for 300 people, the number taken per 100 people; for 900 people, the number taken per 150 people; and for a very large party, the number taken per 200 people. By this measure, interest in all of the info cards has remained fairly steady after the initial peak when they first became available, with the exceptions of the tobacco info cards, the Ecstasy pamphlets, and the RaveSafe booklets, in which interest has dropped steadily. The graph takes a jump at several points; this is insignificant and occurs as a result of our having two booths on the same weekend.

Adulterant-Screening Results

Adulterant-Screening Results
[Click for full-sized image]

This graph and the following table show the percentage of pills that tested positive for ecstasy, DXM, speed, or 2-CB, as a function of time. They show also the percentage of pills that reacted by turning magenta, those which reacted by turning any other colour, and those which did not react at all.

Date Location People Pill
05/26/00 Belen 600 16 44   37       19
05/27/00 Albuquerque ? 5 80 20          
06/16/00 Bernalillo 800 7 86           14
06/16/00 Albuquerque 600 11 45   10       45
06/17/00 Santa Fe 100 1 100            
06/23/00 Albuquerque 500 13 38 8         54
07/01/00 Rio Rancho 700 22 77 5         18
07/08/00 Rio Rancho 1300 17 30 35         35
07/08/00 Albuquerque 600 adulterant screening not permitted
07/14/00 Estancia 400 3 34       33   33
07/21/00 Santa Fe 600 23 65 17     9   9
07/28/00 Tierra Amarilla 400 15 53 7       27 13
07/29/00 Tierra Amarilla 450 31 55 23       3 19
08/12/00 Santa Fe 400 35 57 31 3   9    
08/18/00 Albuquerque 150 7 57 29     14    
08/25/00 Bernalillo 600 57 61 14 19   2   4
09/02/00 Albuquerque 750 22 32 41         27
09/09/00 Albuquerque 500 21 71   5   10   14
09/09/00 Estancia 250 2 50 50          
09/22/00 Placitas 250 16 75 19         6
09/30/00 Albuquerque 500 8 88           12
10/14/00 Albuquerque 500 27 96 4          
10/20/00 Albuquerque 300 15 87 13          
11/03/00 Albuquerque 450 33 97           3
11/04/00 Albuquerque 300 12 100            
11/09/00 Santa Fe 400 adulterant screening not permitted
11/11/00 Albuquerque 550 28 93           7
11/18/00 Albuquerque 900 27 100            
11/24/00 Santa Fe 600 36 91 3 3       3
12/02/00 Albuquerque 700 27 100            
12/08/00 Albuquerque 600 adulterant screening not permitted
12/08/00 Albuquerque 400 12 100            
12/15/00 Budaghers 700 43 74 12 2       12
12/16/00 Santa Fe 200 0              
12/22/00 Albuquerque 1500 51 82           18
12/31/00 Santa Fe 800 47 94     2   2 2
01/13/01 Albuquerque 800 42 100            
01/20/01 Albuquerque 600 35 91 6         3
02/03/01 Albuquerque 1000 59 76       14   10
02/10/01 Albuquerque 500 21 72   5       24
02/16/01 Albuquerque 600 58 48   14   16 12 10
02/17/01 Santa Fe 150 adulterant screening not permitted
02/23/01 Albuquerque 900 64 61 6     8 3 22
03/17/01 Albuquerque 1900 131 68 4 4   11   13
03/30/01 Santa Fe 300 2 100            
03/31/01 Nambé ? 11 100            
04/07/01 Albuquerque 600 adulterant screening not permitted
04/27/01 Santa Fe 350 2 100            
04/28/01 Albuquerque 900 42 43 5 2     45 5
05/12/01 Albuquerque 400 7 71           29
05/19/01 Albuquerque 500 43 95         5  
05/25/01 Santa Fe 300 1 100            
06/02/01 Bernalillo 800 31 100            
06/16/01 Santa Fe 450 6 100            
06/22/01 Rio Rancho 400 16 100            
06/30/01 Santa Fe 500 10 90   10        
07/07/01 Santa Fe 300 7 86   14        
07/14/01 Rio Rancho 400 17 53   41     6  
07/28/01 Albuquerque 1000 69 36   25   20 6 13
08/09/01 Santa Fe 300 2 50         50  
08/11/01 Rio Rancho 100 0              
08/11/01 Albuquerque 1600 56 91           9
08/17/01 Santa Fe 500 12 100            
08/24/01 Bernalillo 400 28 46   29       25
09/15/01 Albuquerque 350 62 53   47        
09/22/01 Rio Rancho 300 0              
09/28/01 Albuquerque 60 0              
09/29/01 Pilar 250 5 100            
10/13/01 Albuquerque 600 42 79   21        
10/20/01 Albuquerque 1200 81 60   30       10
11/02/01 Albuquerque 700 68 90   3       5
11/16/01 Albuquerque 150 16 81   19        
11/23/01 Albuquerque 1200 adulterant-screening results lost
12/08/01 Albuquerque 250 28 43           57
12/14/01 Albuquerque 300 33 88           12
12/22/01 Albuquerque ? 48 71           27
01/25/02 Albuquerque 200 2 100            
02/02/02 Albuquerque 250 12 100            
02/09/02 Albuquerque 350 23 96           4
02/22/02 Albuquerque 600 adulterant screening not permitted
02/23/02 Albuquerque 200 0              
03/02/02 Albuquerque 250 5 100            
03/09/02 Albuquerque 750 adulterant screening not permitted
03/16/02 Albuquerque 300 8 100            
04/06/02 Santa Fe 200 0              
04/19/02 Albuquerque 150 0              
05/04/02 Santa Fe 80 0              
05/18/02 Santa Fe 150 0              
05/25/02 Rio Rancho 200 1             100
05/26/02 Albuquerque 100 0              
06/01/02 Santa Fe 900 27 93   7        
06/08/02 Questa 500 3              
06/14/02 Santa Fe 150 0              
06/22/02 Santa Fe 25 0              
06/22/02 Rio Rancho 200 2 100            
06/29/02 Santa Fe 1000 0              
06/29/02 Santa Fe 70 0              
07/06/02 Cañon Plaza 200 adulterant screening not permitted
07/20/02 Rio Puerco 300 14 100            
07/26/02 Albuquerque 80 1 100            
08/16/02 Santa Fe 80 4 100            
08/23/02 Rio Rancho 300 7 100            
08/26/02 Albuquerque 800 adulterant screening not permitted
08/26/02 Santa Fe 250 0              
08/31/02 Abiquiú 100 2 100            
10/26/02 Santa Fe 350 8 100            
11/15/02 Santa Fe 80 0              
2/15/03 Albuquerque 200 0              
3/8/03 Santa Fe 150 adulterant screening not permitted
3/15/03 Santa Fe 300 0              
3/21/03 Santa Fe 120 0              
3/29/03 Albuquerque 300 adulterant screening not permitted
4/26/03 Rio Rancho 400 1 100            
06/07/03 Belen 1500 41 80           20
07/19/03 Taos 700 11 100            
07/26/03 Jemez 200 adulterant screening not permitted
08/16/03 Santa Fe 500 0              
08/23/03 Belen 200 0              
08/29/03 Abiquiú 150 3 100            
09/06/03 Albuquerque 1200 adulterant screening not permitted
09/13/03 Santa Fe 300 0              
02/13/04 Santa Fe 150 0              
03/06/04 Santa Fe 300 adulterant screening not permitted
03/27/04 Los Alamos 90 adulterant screening not permitted
05/08/04 Santa Fe 80 0              
05/14/04 Santa Fe 80 0              
05/15/04 Santa Fe 180 adulterant screening not permitted
05/22/04 Rio Rancho 300 adulterant screening not permitted
05/29/04 Santa Fe 200 0              
06/05/04 Albuquerque 1200 11 100            
06/18/04 Santa Fe 100 0              
06/26/04 Albuquerque 550 2 100            
07/02/04 Abiquiú 60 2 100            
07/24/04 Rio Rancho 250 0              
07/30/04 Albuquerque 80 0              
07/31/04 Santa Fe 200 0              
07/31/04 Zia Pueblo 350 3 100            
08/14/04 Santa Fe 200 0              
09/06/04 Santa Fe 400 0              
09/11/04 Rio Rancho 400 adulterant screening not permitted
09/17/04 Albuquerque 400 0              
02/12/05 Santa Fe 300 6 100            
03/26/05 Santa Fe 200 2 100            
04/30/05 Santa Fe 100 1 100            
05/21/05 Rio Rancho 250 adulterant screening not permitted
06/04/05 Albuquerque 2000 35 100            
06/04/05 Albuquerque 800 14 100            
07/10/05 Madrid 200 0              
07/16/05 Taos 500 0              
07/23/05 Albuquerque 550 15 100            
08/06/05 Abiquiú 250 3 100            
08/19/05 Santa Fe 400 14 100            
08/27/05 Albuquerque 800 13 100            
09/17/05 Tesuque 250 adulterant screening not permitted
09/23/05 Santa Fe 500 adulterant screening not permitted
11/25/05 Santa Fe 250 adulterant screening not permitted
1/14/06 Taos 250 adulterant screening not permitted
1/14/06 Santa Fe 400 adulterant screening not permitted
03/03/06 Albuquerque 600 26 96            
03/17/06 Santa Fe 250 adulterant screening not permitted
04/07/06 Santa Fe 250 adulterant screening not permitted
05/20/06 Chilili 200 8 88         12  
05/20/06 Albuquerque 300 9 89           11
06/03/06 Abiquiú 450 8 88           12
06/24/06 Albuquerque 300 10 100            
Volunteer-Recruitment Results

Volunteer-Recruitment Results
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This graph shows the number of new volunteers recruited per month, the number of volunteers per month lost through attrition, and the total number of active volunteers, as a function of time. We assume an attrition rate of 30 percent per month for volunteers who have been inactive for four months or less, as this results in a close balance between recruitment and attrition. It appears from this analysis that the number of active volunteers is now fairly steady at around 35. However, this result is highly dependent on the estimated attrition rate.

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